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Progress & Possibility – our “from zero to one” story
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Let us take you on a journey

For 12+ years we’ve been working with startups and big companies,
helping them to re-discover their essence and leverage their business.

Q4 2021

First brand store

New Beauty Brand development in cooperation with France company Givaudan

Q4 2019

First brand store

Cooperation with the biggest chains and more than 1700 point of sale

Q1 2018

First brand store

15 Organic Multi-brand stores in Serbia , Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Q4 2016

First brand store

First Natura Siberica brand store opened in Belgrade

Q2 2015

Natura Siberica exclusive

Balkan Exclusive partner of Estonian - Russian company Eurobio Lab brands (Natura Siberica, Organic Shop etc)

Q4 2014

Own product line

Expanding into production of own Serbian healthy supplements authorized by Ministry of Health of Serbia

Q2 2013

Our first exclusive partners

Business development via distribution sector. Exclusive partner of the beauty line, Swedish Karolinska Institute
(The Nobel Prize Assembly)

Q1 2010

Our first step

Founded a company which focuses on Media buying marketing and creative solutions


Twelve years’ experience


Positive Feedback


Cups of Coffee


Trusted by Biggest Brands

Together, we’ve built plans, elevated brands, set and surpassed goals, and more. We’re proud to have partnered with these organizations to advance their missions.

We specialise in building brands, selling products and telling stories.

Our mission is to change the way organizations sell and partner with customers. We are committed to creating a lasting impact on clients and our people that is measurable and meaningful. We believe in offering exceptional solutions to our clients so to create memorable brands. Our accumulated experience in various domains like website development and designing, app development and design, search engine optimization, digital marketing, writing and research, etc help us in developing and empowering the brands of our clients.


Our Values

It’s Important to Know Your “Why”

We dare to be different, to be ambitious, to dream big, to deliver value like no other.
Simultaneously, we seek people that want to learn and further improve their skills with us. Growing together in a common purpose.


Create Trust

Be authentic, candid and warm while always ensuring consistency between your words and actions. Own your mistakes, fix them, and act with humility.

Figure It Out

There’s no instruction manual. Make wise decisions despite ambiguity. Use data to hone your intuition and thrive on change. Find meaningful connections that others miss.

Make It Fun

Be positive in all situations and make people feel better. Have fun every day and make it contagious. Help people find meaning in their personal and professional lives.

Grow Exponentially

Learn and grow faster than anyone in your peer set. Proactively extract raw and direct feedback about yourself. Think big and help others think big.

Ship It Fast

Take smart risks, ship it fast and iterate. Value speed and rapid recovery over error prevention; no lives are at risk. Our biggest threat is the lack of innovation.

Do More With Less

Automate or outsource all repetitive and low-value tasks. Spend a high majority of time on unsolved high-value problems. Optimize input to output ratios and gain leverage.

Embrace Wellness

Never sacrifice your health and wellbeing. Grow your physical, mental, financial and spiritual wellness in harmony with your personal and professional responsibilities.

Be a Legend

Focus on results over process. Deliver an unbelievable amount of constant and valuable work throughput. Be a legend by making more legends.


Our Process

It’s Important to Know Your “Way”

Your success is our objective. We’ll care for your brand, product and service as much as you do. We untangle your biggest creative challenges.When you’re overwhelmed or unsure where to go next, we’ll help you develop a plan to move
forward confidently.

Offering exceptional solutions

Offering exceptional solutions

We strongly believe in transparently doing our work so that our clients are in the loop regarding every step of the assigned project. At Hostonaut, we religiously follow deadlines and promises. Our end goal is to offer a wide range of services to clients so that they can get everything done through one outlet i.e. ours.

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Driven by passion

Driven by passion

We follow a simple work philosophy. What we do is driven by passion. We believe in successfully delivering every project we undertake. Every client – be it a major brand or a budding startup – is important for us. By trusting us, you can have a sense of relief that your project will be delivered on time with guaranteed quality.

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And purpose will born by self

Always drive positive change in people, companies and organizations.

Living without purpose is just existence. We believe in the power of purpose and its ability to define and transform lives. It’s a moving forward force. “From zero to one” companion adventure. Shaped by many hands, from many experiences, memories, principles. By all of you. We live and fulfill the purpose, after 13 years of experience, with you as cocreator.



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